About Us

Key Highway Community Association (KHCA) is a non-profit corporation established in 2001 to meet the interests and needs of the communities along Key Highway.  Our sphere of interest covers the run of Key Highway from the Rusty Scupper to I-95.  We have welcomed members from both sides of the highway,  but our main constituency has been the  communities and residents on the water side and two blocks north of the Highway.  We have tried to provide general awareness of peninsula issues and representation at the city level in support of positions taken by our community.  A monthly newsletter was our main communication channel for a number of years, but we are now experimenting with an electronic newsletter, a website and a Facebook group that can be more interactive.  Our mission is to serve community interests which change considerably over time.  We can help define those interests and provide a mechanism for action at any particular time, but the driving force should be the general voice from the neighborhood.  We hope we have  a suitable mechanism that can stimulate discussion and allow that voice to be heard.  If you live within our community, KHCA is you.

KHCA Board:

Janan Broadbent, Ph.D., President    keyhca@gmail.com

Laila Baradaran, Treasurer   lailabaradaran@yahoo.com

Jim Shapiro, Board Member and Past President   jarasa@aol.com

Karen Graveline, Board Member  Karen@ddistillery.com

Rikki Spector, Board Member spectorr2@gmail.com

Rhonda Farrell, Board Member   farrell_rhonda@bah.com

2019 General Meeting Dates:  March 13, May 15, October 2, December 11 (Holiday Party)

All meetings except for the Holiday Party start at 6:30 PM for social time and 7 PM for presentations. Holiday Party at 7 PM. Locations TBD